Tour of Lights

Tour of Lights: Farmers Branch, TX 

Farmers Branch Historical Park entrance.


Actually, I am in the market for a gingerbread house.


Texas holiday greeting.


If these were real bears, I wouldn't have had the window down.


Tree of lights at Liberty Plaza.


Tank and HMMWV at Liberty Plaza.


Dinosaur complete with wagging tail.


Bucking bronco and gentleman losing his hat, down the street from Liberty Plaza.


Century Bank and General Store with Santa looking for his ATM card outside.


Polar Express? In any case it was in direct competition with the DART Green Line a few feet away.


I get it...Good Ship Lolipop.


Next to city hall.


Some of the more than 300,000 lights wrapped around the trees that line the city hall driveway.


I wonder how long it took to put all these up? And were they as tangled as my lights usually are?


Merry Christmas to all...


About Christopher Williams

Co-Founder of Whelan & Williams Industries Inc. Sole proprietor of Liftlazy. Photographer, musician, writer, pilot and all around good guy to know.
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