About Art & Science

Art & Science is not a traditional photography company. In fact, its more like an art gallery that hangs its pieces on the internet. Framed prints are the only things sold and I encourage you to right-click when you see things you like (just remember where you got it from). Now here is the answer you’ve been waiting for…why are pictures of airplanes and train tracks considered art?

The photos you see here are the result of my love for machines and nature. Growing up, my science and engineering friends could never relate to my artist friends and vice versa. They never realized they were looking at the same things but from different perspectives. Just because something is mechanical or scientific doesn’t mean it’s not art. Traditionally we tend to think of art as something that is organic or natural. Most people would expect to see a forest scene or beach portrayed in an art gallery. But why not cirrostratus clouds? Or a skyscraper? Or even a single bolt?

Two seemingly separate worlds, the hard precision of the mechanical versus the organic beauty of the natural are a lot closer than we think. In fact even our perspectives often mesh, regardless of what we do in life. Ask a scientist to describe a sunset and they may mention the absorption of certain wavelengths of light by the atmosphere. Ask an artist to describe the same sunset and they may mention the colors, hues and saturation of the sky. But what would happen if you asked them to describe how it makes them feel? 

Browse around, leave a comment if you like, or contact me about custom artwork for your home or business (after all with over 30,000 photos in my archives, there has to be something you’d like in there).

Christopher Williams



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